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Without A Cue Presents: Murder At The Perk: : A Murdery Parody

Saturdays, 5 pm, Saturdays, 8 pm, Sundays, 3 pm, through Feb. 25;

Join Red Rum Theater in Philadelphia for a night of murder and mystery…and some “Friendly Fire.

It’s been a few years since everyone’s favorite group of pals have all been together at the same time, but this calls for a celebration! Gunther has successfully opened a chain of cafes and his six best customers have taken a trip down to Philadelphia for the grand opening of “Perk Place.” The party isn’t all fun and games, however. Ross and Rachel are on a break…again, some unexpected guests cause tension for Monica and Chandler, Phoebe is having issues finding a babysitter for her nieces and nephew, and is someone actually trying to SHARE food with Joey?! Before the night is out, someone might be a victim of some “friendly” fire.
No one told you death was gonna be this way.
There will be several opportunities to take selfies with the characters (and a fun race to see who can get them all first), hidden clues, and even an opportunity to get your mug shot. Once the performance begins, you will become part of the action as you play detective and try to solve the mystery.
Listen closely, gather the clues, and try to deduce who the killer is and win the prize!
But most importantly, be entertained!