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“THE ITALIAN LADY” Book Presentation on 28th November, 3pm, by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura

November 28, 2022, 3 pm4:30 pm.
What does set Italy & Italian women apart?
By observing an Italian woman, you can understand much of the Italian Way of Living.
“THE ITALIAN LADY” (Foreword by Riccardo Illy) is a joyful, all-encompassing Italian lifestyle book, dedicated to ITALY LOVERS, revolving on the three Italian “Fs” admired by the world: Fashion, Food, Furniture (and also Art and Holiday!)
The book is all about Italian women:
-how they dress
-how they eat
– how they furnish their homes
– how they love culture
– how they travel
– how they have fun with their family and friends
It is written with an insider’s perspective by a contemporary Italian woman living in Milan, the coolest Italian city.​ ​ Alessandra Repini simply tells about herself and her observation of many other Italian women, going beyond the outdated stereotypes known by the world.
It’s a practical Guide full of facts, shortcuts and Study Guides ​ allowing the reader to always make bella figura (good impression) as far as Italy is concerned – with no time-consuming research:
–>from Mastering a conversation on Italian Wines & Food, on Opera or on Renaissance, as well as hosting an Italian-style dinner party, furnishing one’s home with the best Italian design pieces, choosing the best outfit for any occasion and much more. ​
“The Italian Lady” is available on this link.


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