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Sirena’s Gallery Arthouse Feature Film & Short Films by Christine Stoddard

September 23, 2022, 11 pm.

A screening of Sirena’s GalleryNaomi & The ReckoningDrunken History, and Bottled, all directed by Christine Stoddard and produced by Quail Bell Press & Productions.

Sirena’s Gallery follows a Salvadoran-American woman’s struggle as an art gallery owner who recently lost her husband to suicide. Sirena must quickly adapt to self-isolation, grief-induced visions, and the virtual world of e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic. This film features the talents of Disnie Sebastien, Art Jones, Ghia Vitale, and others.

Naomi & The Reckoning​ is an experimental film that follows Naomi, a young woman with a physical deformity. Struggling with body acceptance all her life, Naomi also comes from a strict religious upbringing. Purity culture further complicated her relationship with her body and, now recently married, she can’t find sexual satisfaction.

Drunken History is a poetry film about gentrification, resistance, and finding refuge as an artist in New York City—or maybe somewhere beyond it.

Bottled is a short about a message from beyond.


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