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NABMW Installation of Officers Ceremony

January 14, 1 pm6 pm.
Free - Donations are accepted on NABMW website: https://www.nabmw.org/donation

The National Association of Black Military Women (NABMW) Installation of Officers is an important ceremony. It is the first time that newly elected NABMW Officers are recognized publicly and officially as duly elected officers.

The ceremony is inspirational in nature and leaves the officers and the community with a sense of appreciation for the military service of black women like those who served in 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion and the volunteers who have taken an oath of office to continue carrying out the mission of NABMW.

Dr. Annette Tucker Osborne, DHA, COL (Ret) is the current President of the Brooklyn, NY Chapter of the National Association of Black Military Women. On January 14, 2023 she will be installed as the National President of the National Association of Black Military Women overseeing all of the NABMW Chapters in the United States. The Ceremony will include the installation of nine other officers that will make up the new Executive Board for NABMW on January 14, 2023. The incoming and continuing officers are as follows: MAJ (Ret) Deidre Darden, LTC (Ret) Christine Lewis, COL (Ret) Cheryl Adams, LTC (Ret) Ida Goodwine, SSG (Ret) Judith Cotten, CW2 (Ret) Latia Suttle, MAJ (Ret) Stanlee Richards, SGM (Ret) Melissa Jones, and COL (Ret) Irma Cooper (VP of Operations 2023-2025).



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