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Joey Dardano: Shame on Me, a solo show

March 9, 8 pm9:30 pm.
Shame on me 3.9

This Show takes place at “LIFE WORLD” in Gowanus, exact address is released upon RSVP!

Joey’s growing into a man. A man with a past, a man whose done things he’s not so proud of, a man who’s not so happy with where he’s at in life. Whether that be financial, career-wise, or height. Joey tried to get to the bottom of shame and regret, while admitting to some pretty damning things in the process. Come hear him criticize the church (edgy), sing about anal in Italy (trendsetting), and cry for 15 minutes straight (Avant-garde!) with host Lili Michelle, who famously co-hosted Peaches and Cream with Joey.  If you’ve read to the end of this, I love you, and hope you buy a ticket.”

Joey Dardano is an actor/comedian based out of Brooklyn. Growing up in a Cuban/Italian family in South Florida, he attended theatre programs at prestigious middle and high schools, living a much more different life than his sports-obsessed neighbors; when they were rushing towards the endzone, Joey was crooning ballads and landing double pirouettes. When he’s not slinging jokes or bringing characters from the page to life, you can find him ripping his new favorite pants on the dance floor (this truly happens at least once a month). He has 290k+ followers on TikTok, 67k+ on Instagram, and hosts the Variety show “REAL HOT BOI SHIT” and the stand-up show “PEACHES & CREAM” with Lili Michele


NY United States