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Dancify That! (comedy dance game show)

September 30, 2022, 7:30 pm8:30 pm.
Dancify That! The SPECIAL DAY Edition!
Charades is no longer just a parlor game you play with friends– it’s a dance game show on Tik Tok infused steroids with comedians and snacks and lots of very not-serious dance. “Dancify That!” challenges dancers of all varieties to transform memes, audience stories, family recipes and more into dance. In this show they’ll be tackling “National Days”. This mysterious phenomena in which you pay $2500 and are able to claim a special NATIONAL day of your very own. Did you know there is a National Ceiling Fan Day? It’s true! So let’s celebrate! Propose your own special day or come play along with comedian judges Ben Katzner and Blair Dawson as they try and decipher what special day the dancers are using as inspiration. Snacks. Good vibes. Hot moves inspired by insanity.

· Event dates and times: Friday, Sept. 30th, 7:30pm
· Event prices: $20
· Website/Ticket link: https://dixonplace.org/performances/dancify-that/

Featuring dancers Hannah McClean, Patrick Ferreri, Siobhan Santini Pellot, Francesca Cardeñas, Olney Edmondson, Steako, Nicholas Royal and more. With comedian judges Ben Katzner and Blair Dawson and hosted by Hope Morawa. Music by THECAINMARKO


161A Chrystie St.
New York, NY, 10002