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Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary Free Movie Series

August 25, 3:30 pm5:15 pm.

One of Catherine’s favorite books, Charlotte’s Web has captured the hearts of millions of children over the years. In keeping with the sanctuary’s mission of compassion and honoring the human-animal bond, the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary is thrilled to bring Charlotte’s Web to the big screen in Newtown at no charge.

Parents need to know Charlotte’s Web is unusually respectful of its much-loved source (E.B. White’s classic novel) and its young audience. While the movie does refer to the farmer’s plan to kill Wilbur for Christmas dinner, the pivotal (and most potentially upsetting) moment is the death of a central character, which is followed by appropriate mourning and recovery by her barnyard friends. Some of the animal characters are initially unfriendly to a new arrival, and Templeton the rat scavenges objects and talks about being selfish and sneaky. Crows attack him, with their point-of-view shots suggesting the danger he’s in. There’s also some name-calling. Loyalty, acceptance, and faith in your friends are important themes of this emotionally powerful movie.


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