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Book Launch & Signing: Immigrant Voices in the Pandemic

October 22, 4 pm6 pm.

Immigrant Voices in the Pandemic is a powerful collection of stories that showcase how the COVID-19 period has influenced the way we create art. This anthology is a testimony to how art can deliver our common humanity, especially in times of crisis, smuggling stories of immigration, exile, and loneliness into the pandemic frame. This second iteration of the anthology Voices on the Move is a varied tapestry that weaves in stories of grief and loss on one hand and recovery and hope on the other. The literature and art included here allow their creators and readers to inhabit a “flow state,” enabling them to experience various levels of ecstasy rather than worry and pain.
The authors gathered in this anthology are diverse, with some established in their respective fields, while others are just beginning their artistic journey. All of their voices come together to compose a choir whose song is audible beyond the pandemic. They are refugees, immigrants, and displaced people, and the entire book has emerged from directly lived experiences and personal stories.
As an authentically feminist work, this collection also opens doors towards social change and equality. The pieces gathered here, whether in poetry, prose, drama, or visual arts, innovate at the aesthetic level, creating new languages and often breaking with traditional forms in all the genres. Immigrant Voices in the Pandemic offers a unique perspective on how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted the artistic expression of refugees, immigrants, and migrants.


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